Which is the best material to use for your display or data acquisition window?

Glass? Plastic? Which Plastic? When building a product that involves displayed images and/or transmitted critical optical information, especially mobile computing units, you are faced with an important design decision: Which material is the best? Lets first look at what features are important for an optimum functioning window.

Dealing with Rapid Prototyping Obstacles?

Quick turnarounds on working pre-production units for durable display and data acquisition devices can be difficult. Do you find yourself in these situations? You know basically what you need, but not how to get there to create a finished working prototype (molding, coating, fabrication, printing, fastening and assembly).

Lens Mounting: Which Method Of Attachment Should You Use And Why?

You have a plastic window and are unsure of how to bond it to your display or data acquisition device – what is the best method? Liquid Glue? Sonic Welding? Adhesive Tape? Liquid glue is difficult to apply and messy. Sonic welding takes specialty equipment, is limited to certain materials and requires 3D geometries.

Making the best use of your suppliers using Web Meetings?

One of the main benefits of any supplier is our knowledge and expertise in the product field or service we provide. This expertise can be accessed in many ways, but the most productive way is in-person, face-to-face meetings. However, in todays world in-person visits are severely limited, which prevents you from taking full advantage of our insight.

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