Anti-Glare Coating

Anti-Glare Coated Polycarbonate and Acrylic

TSP’s DURAVUE® 2000 High Resolution Anti-Glare Hardcoat is unique in its ability to:

  • Diffuse reflected light with minimal sacrifice to clarity and resolution of the displayed image.
  • Maintain a perfectly smooth surface quality – no “grainy” appearance common in alternatives like mechanically or chemically textured surfaces, or anti-glare coatings that use suspended particles.

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TSP applies a durable anti-glare hardcoat on polycarbonate or acrylic substrates that protects and enhances viewing applications when glare makes display readability difficult. Ideal for full color or monochrome optoelectronic displays of all types, DURAVUE® 2000 can also be applied to colored plastic substrates used for contrast enhancement or other desired affects.

DURAVUE® 2000 is available in various gloss levels to match your specific viewing requirements. Importantly, it maintains the same exceptional scratch and chemical resistance that is the trademark of the TSP DURAVUE® line of coated substrates.

Available on acrylic and polycarbonate material in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and sizes (up to 24″ x 48″, with some exceptions), TSP’s DURAVUE® 2000 Anti-Glare Hardcoat is a perfect finishing touch to providing a long-lasting plastic part viewable in all kinds of lighting environments.

ISO 9001 2015 Certification