Plastic Display Windows & Lenses

TSP can provide you with a fully functional, durable plastic display readout window that:

  • is readable in the most demanding lighting conditions
  • remains durable in high traffic areas
  • lasts for extended service periods
  • prevents breakage or vandalism (vs. glass)

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For many optoelectonic display windows, readability in bright lighting is a major concern. But not with windows coated with TSP’s DURAVUE® 2000 High-Resolution Anti-Glare Hardcoat. TSP’s DURAVUE® 2000 is unique in it’s ability to:

  • Diffuse reflected light with minimal sacrifice to clarity and resolution of the displayed image. DURAVUE® 2000 will reduce the glare from high lighting conditions without sacrificing image or readout resolution.
  • Maintain a perfectly smooth surface quality – no “grainy” appearance common in alternatives like mechanically or chemically textured surfaces, or anti-glare coatings that use suspended particles.

If glare is not a concern but durability is, we can provide you with a plastic display window protected by our DURAVUE® 1000 Crystal Clear Hardcoat. Windows made with DURAVUE® 1000 will remain clear and readable even after repeated cleanings and under the most rugged of usage conditions.

Available in acrylic or polycarbonate in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, we can build you a display window tailored to your special in-service needs. Simply contact us today and we’ll have sample windows heading your way in no time!

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