Enhance Readability/Viewing of Displayed Media

Q: How do I make my displayed media and information more readable when viewing in high lighting conditions?
A: Reduce glare and improve image resolution with TSP’s superior DURAVUE® anti-glare or anti-reflection coatings

  • Readability & Image Resolution
  • Anti-Glare Coatings
  • Anti-Reflection Coatings
  • Contrast Enhancement Filters

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Readability & Image Resolution

Readability is essential to the optimum performance of any display.  You want the visual information to be read clearly, quickly and comfortably, with maximum image resolution and minimal eyestrain.  Anti-glare and anti-reflective treatments are used to improve readability of a displayed image or set of characters, but attack the problem using different mechanisms.

Anti-Glare Coatings

Anti-Glare deals with external sources of reflection off a surface – like bright sunlight or high ambient lighting – and its impact on the readability of the displayed image.  Anti-Glare treatments use diffusion mechanisms to break up the reflected light off the surface, reducing the coherence of the reflected image, making them unfocused to the eye, thereby reducing their interference with viewing of the intended image contained in the display.

The problem with most diffusion mechanisms is they sacrifice clarity and resolution of the displayed image. Mechanically or chemically textured surfaces – or anti-glare coatings using suspended particles – reduce the glare but at a significant trade off in image resolution and readability. While economical to apply, the trade off in image resolution makes them an inferior solution to your viewing requirements.

TSP’s DURAVUE® AG High Resolution anti-glare coating is different.  It is unique in its ability to diffuse reflected light with minimal sacrifice to the clarity and resolution of the displayed image. Our proprietary coating process yields an anti-glare surface with superior image resolution, and without the “grainy” appearance common in alternatives using mechanically or chemically textured surfaces, or anti-glare coatings that use suspended particles.  It is also much more economical than the more technically involved and expensive Anti-Reflection coatings.  It comes in various gloss levels to match your specific viewing requirements.

Anti-Reflection Coatings

Unlike diffusion-based anti-glare solutions, Anti-Reflection considers all sources of reflection, both internal and external, that reduce readability of the displays.  These reflections are cumulative, and can “wash out” the display, making the image unreadable without increasing the light output via expensive power increases. To combat this problem, Anti-Reflective coatings like TSP‘s DURAVUE® AR remove reflection by “bending” the reflected light through the window lens, increasing light transmission to as high as 99.5%.  TSP‘s DURAVUE® AR Anti-Reflection coating is superior to others because it is more durable, able to withstand repeated cleanings without the scratching and smudging common to most AR coatings.

Contrast Enhancement Filters

Readability in high lighting environments can be a particular problem with electronic displays.  It is never a problem with contrast enhancement filters made with TSP‘s DURAVUE® AG High-Resolution Anti-Glare coating. Contrast filters with DURAVUE® AG reduce the glare and associated eyestrain from high lighting conditions with minimal sacrifice to the clarity and resolution of the electronic characters of your display filter.

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