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TSP is a leading supplier of protective plastic for viewing applications.

Polycarbonate Sheeting

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Polycarbonate SheetingTSP can provide you with durable polycarbonate sheeting for your flat panel protective viewing application. Polycarbonate sheet offers:

  • excellent impact resistance
  • good dimensional stability
  • toughness
  • protects against breakage and intrusion
  • versatility

While we do not manufacture polycarbonate sheeting ourselves, we have longstanding sourcing arrangements with the highest quality sheet producers worldwide, which allows us to select the most affordable and applicable option for your specific need.

Next choose a DURAVUE® coating that matches your service needs:

All polycarbonate sheet is available with a DURAVUE® coating on:

  • both sides
  • one side (where the uncoated second side is needed for printing, or adhesive mounting, etc.)
  • different coatings on either side

Because of our extensive use of polycarbonate sheet in-house to produce ready-to-install windows, we are able to source you more rapidly, with stock of several common thicknesses, sizes and colors on hand at all times.



  • 0.030″ to 0.500″


  • Clear plus various tints to choose from (contact us for full list)

Whatever your need, TSP will supply you a polycarbonate sheet with excellent optical quality that significantly extends the service life of your product.