TSP is a leading supplier of protective plastic for viewing applications.

Polycarbonate Sheeting

Polycarbonate SheetingTSP can provide you with durable polycarbonate sheeting for your flat panel protective viewing application. Polycarbonate sheet offers:

  • excellent impact resistance
  • protects against breakage and intrusion
  • good dimensional stability
  • toughness
  • versatility

Next choose a DURAVUE® coating that matches your service needs:

All polycarbonate sheet is available with a DURAVUE® coating on:

  • both sides
  • one side (where the uncoated second side is needed for printing, etc.)
  • different coatings on either side



  • 0.030″ to 0.500″


  • Clear plus various tints to choose from (contact us for full list)

Whatever your need, TSP will supply you a polycarbonate sheet with excellent optical quality that significantly extends the service life of your product.

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