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Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic FabricationAcrylic is an excellent material of choice for many display and data transmission products due to its excellent optical clarity. However, acrylic poses challenges in fabrication due to its brittleness, and can easily break or crack under the kinds of loads that machining can induce.

TSP offers the special expertise in acrylic fabrication you need to get around these problems. We can produce high quality finished flat-panel acrylic parts in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses utilizing one or more of the following fabrication methods:

  • High speed lasercutting
  • CNC machining and routing
  • Precision sawcutting
  • Edge finishing & polishing
  • Screen or Pad Printing
  • Adhesive liner/gaskets & mounting
  • Parts assembly

Acrylic FabricationAll of our fabrication equipment is capable of tight tolerance work on acrylic, and our operators are skilled in detailed part finishing and inspection. Having a single vendor like TSP with proficiency in all of these finishing methods allows you to “one stop shop” to get production acrylic windows ready-to-install, a major streamlining of your supply chain.

Getting started is easy! Simply send us your CAD drawings or forward a print, we will consult with you on the selection of the appropriate fabrication method, and then move quickly to get you pre-production samples for your testing and approval.

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