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Anti-Glare vs. Anti-Reflective

What is the difference? Which do I need for my application? Glare and reflection are terms often confused for each other. So how do you decide whether you need an anti-glare or anti-reflective solution to your viewing problem? Let us try to help. Readability is what you really want Both  Read more »

Which is the best material to use for laser scanner exit windows?

Glass? Plastic? Which Plastic? When building your data acquisition product using a laser reader scanner, especially mobile computing units, you are faced with an important design decision: Which material do I select for the exit window through which the transmitting and receiving information passes? Lets first look at what features  Read more »

DURAVUE® Coatings allow for the use of Plastics for Viewing & Data Acquisition Applications

Q: Why would I use a plastic window, filter or lens instead of an alternative like glass? A: Plastics with a DURAVUE® coating offers improved Durability and Design Flexibility Durability Glass is not suitable for most high traffic or portable product applications due to its susceptibility to breakage upon impact  Read more »

Protective Plastic Windows?

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