TSP is a leading supplier of protective plastic for viewing applications.

Bar Code Scanner Windows

Bar Code Scanner WindowsTSP can provide you a fully functional, optical quality plastic exit window for your bar code scanner reader that:

  • blocks unwanted light
  • extends service life
  • reduces system power requirements
  • increases battery life

All of our exit windows are made from optical grade cell cast acrylic in either clear or a filtering color formulated specifically to block unwanted light outside the functional wavelengths of your laser diodes. Each exit window comes with TSP’s DURAVUE® 1000 Crystal Clear Hardcoat which resists scratching and abrasion, extending the service life of your product.

Enhanced Transmission Windows

Barcode reader heads with lens, red

Bar Code Scanner exit windows for bar code readers where higher light transmission and/or image resolution in the functional wavelengths are required, TSP’s DURAVUE® 7000 High Resolution Anti-Reflective Hardcoat is an excellent addition. These narrow band coatings can reduce reflection to <1% per side, providing optimum transmission when scanner power consumption is limited.

All scanner windows treated with DURAVUE® 7000 have the same durability as those with DURAVUE® 1000, and will withstand repeated cleanings without the scratching or smudging common to the other AR coatings on the market.

Experience the TSP Difference!

Let us prove it to you! We can build you a bar code window tailored to your special system needs, economically and with quick turnarounds. Simply contact us today and we’ll have pre-production samples heading your way in no time!

And don’t forget to look to TSP for your bar code reader display window, too! (please see our Plastic Display Windows page).

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