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Manufacturing is indeed returning to the United States, due to several factors:

  • Less Supply Chain Disruptions: The COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities of distant global supply chains. Supply chains are more resilient by manufacturing in closer proximity to customers and markets.
  • Shorter Lead Times: Keeping operations in the U.S. allows companies to source materials more quickly through shorter supply chains. This improves communication, decision-making, and responsiveness to customer needs.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs and Total Cost of Ownership: Companies recognize that the cost advantages of foreign manufacturing are diminishing, while automation and AI make U.S. production increasingly attractive.
  • Improved Responsiveness to Customers: Proximity to manufacturing facilities improves both internal and external communications, enabling faster time-to-market which is beneficial for when markets and customer preferences shift.
  • Reduced Threats to Intellectual Property: Manufacturing in the U.S. reduces exposure to legal and regulatory challenges, particularly theft of IP.

TSP Is a Great Fit for Reshoring

Over our 30+ years in existence, TSP has distinguished itself as an experienced and reliable supplier to many of the world’s largest and most demanding manufacturing companies, sourcing protective plastics for viewing applications internationally from our production facilities here in the United States.

As those companies look to reshore their manufacturing, the advantages of working with TSP are enhanced:

  • Proximity to Manufacturing: With production facilities centrally located in the Midwest, we are ideally located to serve all domestic manufacturing sites.
  • Responsiveness and Flexibility: The hallmark of our “Experience the TSP Difference” is our dedication to exceptional customer service. Reaching your supplier and having them respond promptly will no longer be an issue.
  • Work as an Integral member of Your Supply Team: Our knowledgeable and experienced staff allows you to streamline your procurement process, minimizing intermediaries.
  • Extensive Supply Chain Experience: You won’t be starting over as you bring your operations back stateside, as we have been successfully supplying both for decades.
  • Single Sourcing: With our proprietary DURAVUE® coatings, access to the best plastic materials and methods, and full-service fabrication and finishing, we can be your single source for protective plastics for viewing applications, reducing the need to develop and manage multiple secondary vendors.

So, let’s get started! We’d love to talk to you about how we can assist in bringing your production back to the U.S. Contact us via or call toll free 1-800-277-9778 today!

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