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Contrast Enhancement Filters

Readability is never a problem with contrast enhancement filters made with TSP’s DURAVUE® 2000 High-Resolution Anti-Glare Hardcoat. Contrast filters with DURAVUE®:

  • Reduce the glare and associated eyestrain from high lighting conditions without sacrificing image resolution. DURAVUE® 2000 is unique in its ability to diffuse reflected light with minimal sacrifice to the clarity and resolution of the displayed image or characters.

Contrast Enhancement Filters

As ambient light increases, contrast decreases, making display readability difficult. Reflection is the main cause of this reduced contrast, and controlling it with a contrast enhancement filter of the right color and with a glare-reducing surface coating like TSP’s DURAVUE® 2000 is essential to make it highly readable in all lighting conditions.

Contrast Enhancement FiltersIf glare is not a concern but durability is, we can provide you with a contrast filter protected by our DURAVUE® 1000 Crystal Clear Hardcoat. Filters made with DURAVUE® 1000 will remain clear and readable even after repeated cleanings and under the most rugged of usage conditions.

Available in acrylic or polycarbonate in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, we can build you a fully functional plastic contrast filter, fabricated-to-size and tailored to your special in-service needs. Simply contact us today and we’ll have samples heading your way in no time!

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