Ready-to-Install Performance Plastic Windows, Filters and Lenses for Viewing Applications

Q: What makes TSP special as a supplier of plastics for viewing applications?
A: We offer you a single source for plastic windows, filters and lenses, ready-to-install

  • Ready-to-install windows/filters/lenses
  • Extensive fabrication and finishing service
  • Industry Specific Experience & Knowledge
  • Rapid turnaround on prototypes

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Ready-to-install windows/filters/lenses

TSP can provide you with a fully functional, fabricated-to-size durable plastic display window, ready-to-install.  By offering you a finished part, TSP saves you money and time by streamlining your procurement process, bypassing the need to manage multiple secondary vendors. Available in acrylic or polycarbonate in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, we can build you a display window, contrast filter or barcode/data acquisition lens tailored to your special in-service needs.

Protected by one or more of our DURAVUE® coatings, these windows will be highly readable in the most demanding lighting and environmental conditions, and remain durable for extended service periods without breakage or vandalism.

Extensive fabrication and finishing services

TSP provides full-service fabrication and finishing services, covering a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to produce finished, flat-panel plastic parts ready-to-install.  Our capabilities include: CNC machining and routing, Precision saw cutting, high speed laser cutting, edge finishing & polishing, screen or pad printing, adhesive liner/gaskets (& mounting) and parts assembly. All of our fabrication equipment is capable of tight tolerance work, and our operators are skilled in detailed part finishing and inspection.

Industry Specific Experience & Knowledge

Our skilled professionals have years of experience supplying parts in your specific industry, consistently meets the demanding requirements of leading companies in the Aerospace, Electronics, Safety & Security, Transportation and Military industries.  With our extensive knowledge and expertise in plastics, coatings and fabrication, access to the highest quality materials and methods and operating from modern technical facilities, TSP has all the tools to research and select the material, coating and fabrication method necessary to provide you the best possible part solution.

Rapid turnaround on prototypes

Our customers tell us they appreciate our help in solving their design problems and meeting their demanding development schedules.  TSP acts as an integral member of your product development team, operating more like an internal R&D/Engineering department than an outside vendor.  Our knowledgeable and responsive staff is devoted to providing quick turnarounds on prototypes and pre-production samples for testing.  Nothing beats in-use testing, and TSP can get you there…FAST!

ISO 9001 2015 Certification