Quick turnarounds on working pre-production units for durable display and data acquisition devices can be difficult.

Do you find yourself in these situations?

  • You know basically what you need, but not how to get there to create a finished working prototype (molding, coating, fabrication, printing, fastening and assembly)
  • You can find sources for the materials required, but not in the limited size and quantity needed for this stage of testing
  • Multiple vendors are needed to complete the prototypes, making it unlikely you will meet your aggressive schedule.

Fast pace teams need fast pace help – A single vendor with full-service fabrication and finishing capabilities that can turnaround your prototypes quickly.

TSP is the only vendor you will need for display & data acquisition plastic window design & development.

If you need prototype windows fully functional, ready-to-install & FAST, let’s talk at 1-800-277-9778, or email us at info@tspinc.com.

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